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The following are some resources that I have found quite valuable and want to share with you. From the practical side of art, faith, vocation and the Church’s response in scholarly periodicals to the the business side of art, art law and selling artworks. I will be adding more resources in time.


Art History

Early Christian & Byzantine Art –  by John Lowden, Phaidon Press Limited 2012. Scholarly reading of the beginnings of Christian art down through the Byzantine era, includes many full color photographs.

The Gothic Enterprise A Guide to Understanding the Medieval Cathedral – by Robert A. Scott, University of California Press 2003. Incredible book detailing how European medieval cathedrals were constructed, emphasis of each political and social views and the hypothesis that quite possibly the original blueprint of constructing a cathedral may have had its origins as a monastic mnemonic device.  Complete with black and white illustrations and photographs.


Books, Scholarly Articles & Periodicals

Art and the Bible – by Francis A. Schaeffer, Intervarsity Press 2007. I found this little book to be a very good read filled with insight for artists who want to reflect in their work what art was meant to be.

Art for God’s Sake A Call To Recover The Arts – by Philip Graham Ryken, P&R Publishing 2006. From the beginning of creation God’s beauty is seen in His handiwork as a Master Artist. Much of man-made art is often devoid of any sacredness or beauty; resulting in being rejected by the Church as irredeemable. As Christian artists struggle just to find acceptance in the world let alone within the Church community, Philip encourages Christian artists to not give up hope and look at their vocation and skill as a higher calling. A very good read.

Between Heaven & Hollywood Chasing Your God-Given Dream – by David A. R. White. This book shares David’s account following his dream to be an actor. Not all of us know exactly what we are called to do, and many go throughout their life with a nagging quest to find fulfillment. This great book helps answer that question for those who are serious in finding their God-given talent and using it for His glory.

“Q&A with Luann Jennings Director of Arts Ministries, Redeemer Presbyterian Church NYC” – by Comment Magazine, an interview between Luann Jennings and Comment Magazine on the significance and responsibility of the church to re-engage back into the arts in today’s society. Pertinent article. 

“God for Artists and Artists for God” – by Kyle David Bennett of Convivium, a three-part analysis of how society as a whole doesn’t ascribe value or view artwork with the same seriousness of other skilled work. And unfortunately neither does the Church in Kyle’s assessment. As the greatest Master Artist is God Himself, Who inspires artists to create works, what changes must take place for the Church to change it’s perspective? Excellent article. PDF  I’ve posted the 3-part article links below. Should the full article not load (you might have to subscribe to Convivium in order to read them) then click on the title of this paragraph it will give you the full PDF article.

Click here for Part I

Click here for Part II

Click here for Part III


The Three Dimensions of (Artistic) Vocation – by James Romaine of Comment Magazine. James expounds on how works of art should not only present the truth of the world but that Christian artists have been given a mandate and responsibility from Christ to participate in reflecting the truth of what the world shall be in the future. PDF  I’ve posted the link to the article below. Should the article not load click on the title of this paragraph it will give you the full PDF article.

Click here to read online


The Church’s Role in Art – by Sørina Higgins by Comment Magazine. What advice do artists, pastors, and theologians come up for successful church art patronage?  Sørina considers several practical ways that are relevant today for the Church to explore. Good article.


Organizations & Groups

CIVA – Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA) is an organization with a vision and mission to support and help artists, collectors, critics, historians, pastors and artists in their profession to explore the relationship between faith and art. CIVA also seeks to help collectors, critics, professors, historians, pastors, art professionals in their journey between Christian faith and art. CIVA has conferences, programs, and exhibits along with a publication that is sent out quarterly.

CARDUS  – A Canadian based think tank dedicated to enriching and challenging public debate though research, events, scholarly publications for the common good, in light of faith, art and community.


Art Business, Marketing, & Art Law 

Orangenius – An online social networking platform that offers a tremendous amount of information for empowering artists, creatives and photographers. They offer a comprehensive platform providing the necessary tools, insights, experts, and resources to help any artist, photographer or creative to succeed in the business of art.  Orangenius also has several other brands (listed below). Orangenius has also partnered with ImageRights to protect the intellectual property rights of visual artists. Orangenius’ other brands include:

ArtLawJournal – a large selection of articles relating to copyright, online piracy, moral rights, the art industry, business, and freelancing.

Artepreneur – deals with marketing, art industry, financial resources, trends and art law.

ART360 – is another platform for creatives to showcase a virtual exhibition, create artist CVs, include their artworks for sale, while empowering potential collectors into making purchasing decisions.

Arts Law Conversations A Surprisingly Readable Guide for Arts Entrepreneurs – by Elizabeth T. Russell, Ruly Press Publisher 2014. This book is excellent for artists in any field, visual arts, performance, film making, music, industry professionals, agents, managers, lawyers, writers, teachers, students, etc.,  just about anyone in the creative industry who owns a business or works in one will benefit from this sage advice and wants a crucial understanding of law, terminology,  intellectual property rights, trademarks, copyright issues, consumers to contracts all in everyday plain English, with real-life scenarios too, written by an expert art lawyer.

The Artist’s Business and Marketing Toolbox How To Start, Run and Market a Successful Arts or Creative Business – by Neil McKenzie, Published by Creatives and Business LLC 2011. This practical handy tool book is a great start in learning how to use the tools and techniques as well as to think think in terms of the business process for all creatives. Neil McKenzie is a professor of Metropolitan State College in Denver having over 30 years experience in management consultant and marketing executive working in both larger and smaller companies. He is also a commercial photographer having expertise in client advertising, editorial, public relations and social media needs.

The book is laid out in two parts, the first consists of basic step by step of running and starting an art business, business plans, financing, accounting, management, production and operations. The second part is devoted to offering the creative tools and advice on how to build a successful brand and market art effectively. For those planning on starting a business in art this work book is an invaluable tool.


Art Business Consultants

Artsy Shark – by Carolyn Edlund an art consultant who offers hundreds of professional and art business articles for the artist just going into the art business to those who have years of experience. Her advice is practical, professional offering a variety of marketing and sales tips, out-of-the-box ideas and many opportunities to grow a successful art business. She offers business consulting for artists, artist website review, artist statement writing services, online courses, and an online artist feature, a competitive Call for Artists which promotes artists by publishing their individual portfolios several times a week.

Maria Brophy – a professional art consultant sharing to all art creatives her first hand experience and knowledge of going into the art business, gallery work, art licencing, royalties, museum exhibits, increasing art income, and to how to sell art.

Art Business – by Alan Bamberger, an art consultant, advisor, author, independent appraiser who specializes in research, appraisal, original works of art, business and marketing, artist manuscript materials, documents related to art and art reference books. Alan has sold art since 1979, and sold rare and scholarly art reference books since 1982. Since 1985 he has been busy consulting, advising and appraising for art creatives in a many venues, such as galleries, businesses, organizations and collectors. His website offers a wealth of pertinent information and advice for all artists, creatives and collectors.


Art Insurance

“Art Insurance: Insuring Your Art” – by Alan Bamberger a good article for artists, photographers and collectors alike.




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