“I received The Threefold Cord canvas as a surprise wedding gift. Donna’s use of Earthen colors is lovely and complementary, and the scripture coupled with the piece is such a powerful reminder of the indestructible power of two. As the knot flows off the side of the canvas it also gives a feeling of never-ending connectivity. From a couple to be married’s perspective, this is such a great piece that we highly recommend for those who cherish the bonds they’ve made.” – D. Fox  

“Your work is excellent, the color and variety of your presentation reflects the extent of your knowledge of the subject. It’s great artwork with a noble purpose. You have a beautiful heart! It shows.” – G. Hawk

“Donna’s art is exuberant and joyful. Her pieces are colorful and lively and turn seemingly random swirls and strokes into geometric patterns and designs. Her pieces are intriguing and mindfully done as to leave the observer at peace.” – O. Gonzalez

“Foggy Morning is the perfect combination between nature and visual effects. Loving my couch even more with my Foggy Morning pillow.” – M. Johnson

“I love her work!” – M. Ayers


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