My apologies but I had to make this page because with this WordPress Hestia theme and the portfolio gallery I have from them; for whatever reason it will only make visible the comments and my replies from my commissioned painting: “The Ollie”.

Since my client has also written more comments about the other two painting she hired me to create for her: “Favorite Lures” and “Lake MI Boats” I am copy/posting all the comments here for all to see. Mind you the pretty gravatar icons don’t copy over.

As comments come in should they not post on another page due to the Hestia WP theme I will copy/paste those comments and my replies here.

Favorite Lures – SOLD

Rose P
2021-09-18 02:09:34
I like this photo.

2021-09-18 01:04:03
Stunning artwork! I’m hooked! :p

Resurgent Art LLC
2021-09-18 00:39:53
Thanks, this painting was a really fun painting to create! May it bring you years of enjoyment!

2021-09-18 00:25:59
This picture does not do it justice!!! The texture and detail was beyond my expectations!!! Such an amazing piece of art!

Lake MI Boats – SOLD

Resurgent Art LLC
2021-09-18 00:37:47
Thank you! It was a joy to paint this for you, may it bring you years of enjoyment and wonderful memories of Lake Michigan!

Resurgent Art LLC
2021-09-18 00:33:20
Thanks it was a joy creating this painting for you!

2021-09-18 00:22:16
This picture does not do it justice!!!! Such an amazing piece of art! The detail and texture is amazing! It is beyond my expectations!!!

The Ollie – SOLD


2021-09-18 00:33:42

This painting made me cry! It was perfect!!! I sent Donna a blurry picture of my son doing a skateboard trick. She had me send her a separate photo of my sons face, researched the skate park, decal on his t-shirt, shoes and the trick! She literally painted him perfectly!!!  THANK YOU

Resurgent Art LLC

2021-09-18 00:35:25 You are so welcome! It was a joy and a bit of a challenge but I am so happy that it came out they way you wanted and you and Bradley love it! 😀

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