Favorite Lures – SOLD

Rose P
2021-09-18 02:09:34
I like this photo.

2021-09-18 01:04:03
Stunning artwork! I’m hooked! :p

Resurgent Art LLC
2021-09-18 00:39:53
Thanks, this painting was a really fun painting to create! May it bring you years of enjoyment!

2021-09-18 00:25:59
This picture does not do it justice!!! The texture and detail was beyond my expectations!!! Such an amazing piece of art!

Lake MI Boats – SOLD

Resurgent Art LLC
2021-09-18 00:37:47
Thank you! It was a joy to paint this for you, may it bring you years of enjoyment and wonderful memories of Lake Michigan!

Resurgent Art LLC
2021-09-18 00:33:20
Thanks it was a joy creating this painting for you!

2021-09-18 00:22:16
This picture does not do it justice!!!! Such an amazing piece of art! The detail and texture is amazing! It is beyond my expectations!!!

The Ollie – SOLD


2021-09-18 00:33:42

This painting made me cry! It was perfect!!! I sent Donna a blurry picture of my son doing a skateboard trick. She had me send her a separate photo of my sons face, researched the skate park, decal on his t-shirt, shoes and the trick! She literally painted him perfectly!!!  THANK YOU

Resurgent Art LLC

2021-09-18 00:35:25 You are so welcome! It was a joy and a bit of a challenge but I am so happy that it came out they way you wanted and you and Bradley love it! 😀