I am an Michigan prophetic artist creating two types of prophetic works of art. One are paintings created from a vision, a dream or after having meditated on God’s word. The other prophetic works I call “Mosaics with Meaning”, these are much more complex pieces, they are randomly painted works which I place into a pattern where hidden objects, symbols and optical illusions will emerge. I don’t purposely paint them in. After prayer a bible verse will come to mind which correlates perfectly with the hidden objects and symbols. It is God’s message to the viewer. You can read each Mosaic with Meaning message in the Chi-Rho Newsletters. May you be encouraged reading them!


I also create more than just prophetic artworks, I do watercolor, acrylic painting, and I also have created fabric print designs that are printed on household items, clothing and accessories sold in my Make a Difference Shop. Do have a look around.

Resurgent Art LLC is committed to making a difference in the world by sharing the hope of the Gospel message though art. When you buy an artwork or a product from me not only do you get a beautiful artwork to enjoy or a product to use, it also becomes your constant wonderful reminder that you made a positive impact in the life of another precious human being!

– Donna

Please fill out the form below to email me. I read every email and reply within a day or two. My apologies for those of you who’ve filled out this form, I had a plugin that was preventing me from even receiving any of your entries! I have since disabled and deleted it. 

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