Have a graphite sketch drawn of your beloved pet from your own photograph! Your pet portrait will be drawn on professional grade white acid-free, 100% cotton archival paper. I use professional grade graphite pencils. Your artwork will be sprayed with an archival matte fixative to reduce graphite dust and smudges and protect it from yellowing. Includes a white mat board.

Order the size portrait you want and email me at: donna@resurgentart.com and send me clear high quality frontal photographs of your pet. Let’s disuses what you have in mind. Turn around time is usually within a couple of weeks and in the order in which it is received.


Since I will be working from the photographs that you provide, the best photographs are the ones that have the most detail, they are clear, high quality resolution, are not blurry and don’t have any strange shadows or red-eye. This is where I can capture the character of your pet. The more detail the better I can capture your pet’s character. I can work with you to help you find the best photos to use.

  • Choose clear, high resolution, quality photos. I cannot work from blurry photos or where the pet is far away or partially blocked from view.
  • Photos of head and shoulder frontal views of your pet are always best. With head and shoulder photos I can capture more of your pet’s character through their eyes. This is very important. The more detail you can get of these in the photo, the better.
  • Take your pet’s photo in natural light, preferably outdoors. Up-close is better.
  • Turn off the flash so there is no red-eye or any strange shadows.
  • Take the photo at eye level with your pet. The best images are with your pet looking directly at you or slightly off to one side.
  • If your pet has passed away, you may only have a limited number of photos to use. I understand and we can go through what you have and chose the ones that will work.
  • Larger sized portraits are ideal for multiple pets, I am limited by the size of the paper, so more animals on smaller sized paper means each pet has to be smaller and less detail can be drawn. If you need more than 3 pets in a portrait contact me and I’ll give you a price for larger sized portrait.
  • Addition of a human in the portrait add $100 to the price.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The client agrees that all of the reference work provided to me the artist for the creation of the commissioned portrait(s) will be free and clear of any and all copyrights, and the client agrees that the client will be responsible for any legal actions taken by others for use of photo material that is not free and clear of any and all copyrights.

Artwork is commissioned for personal use only and is not to be used for financial gain. In addition, as the artist I retain full reproduction copyrights on all my artwork whether they are commissioned pieces or not. Artwork and images may not be used or reproduced without my written permission.

A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required up front and the remaining balance will be due upon completion of the portrait. I will need the balanced paid in full in order to mail out your portrait. For international customers international shipping/tax rates will apply.

Please note that prices may be subject to change without notice.

My apologies for those of you who’ve filled out the form I had below, I had a plugin that was preventing me from even receiving any of your entries! I have since disabled and deleted it. Please email me at: donna@resurgentart.com to order your portrait.

Small Single Pet

8″ x 10″



9″ x 12″ add $50 per additional pet



11″ x 14″ add $50 per additional pet



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