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We are all connected where do you fit in?

ChiRho Newsletter-July Wait for The Lord

Ever have a hard time being patient? What do waterlilies in this mosaic have to do with Psalm 27:14?

ChiRho Newsletter – August 2017

"Rivers in the Desert" with Isaiah 43:19 scripture, acrylic on canvas, February 2016 © by Donna Gonzalez I love how this mosaic came out it's one of my favorites! It is comprised of multiple mosaic panels offset on an angle to create this mesmerizing abstract painting. The use of repeated mosaics creates the effect of … Continue reading ChiRho Newsletter – August 2017

ChiRho Newsletter-July Wait for The Lord

"Wait for the Lord" on "Water Lilies Stained Glass - Green" acrylic painting, 45" x 45" c. May 2017 © by Donna Gonzalez    wait /wāt/ verb Stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens. Synonyms: hold on, hold back, bide one’s time, hang fire, mark time, stand by, sit … Continue reading ChiRho Newsletter-July Wait for The Lord

Living Stones Mosaic

"Living Stones Mirage Stained Glass", acrylic on canvas,  July 2016 ©  Donna Gonzalez Would it surprise you at all if I told you that what you are looking at is not a painting of a large stained glass window but instead you are looking at one painted mosaic duplicated multiple times? Fifty-four times to be exact. … Continue reading Living Stones Mosaic