ChiRho Newsletter – June

"Tree of Life" acrylic on canvas approx. 16"x20" c. June 2017 © by Donna Gonzalez I have to admit I do like patterns, they do seem to serve a purpose if only it is for its beauty. Take for instance this painting above, it is of four mosaics placed into a pattern. I tried a … Continue reading ChiRho Newsletter – June

ChiRho Newsletter – May 2017 Pennants, Flowers & Butterflies …Where?

"Pennants, Flowers & Butterflies",  acrylic painting, © May 2017,  by Donna Gonzalez This acrylic mosaic painting is made up of one floral mosaic which is arranged into a specific pattern. The pattern is duplicated a dozen times with each layer positioned over the previous layer but offset slightly at an angle. The result is this dizzying random … Continue reading ChiRho Newsletter – May 2017 Pennants, Flowers & Butterflies …Where?

ChiRho Newsletter January 2017

“Peacock Cross Mosaic” acrylic on canvas © January 2017 by Donna Gonzalez Happy New Year everyone! Hope your holidays were filled with joy, love and peace! I know mine wasn't all that fun more like crazy-crazy like a bumpy roller coaster. Ever have one of those months or years? Due to a family emergency in … Continue reading ChiRho Newsletter January 2017