Chi-Rho Newsletter Something Greater…Than Walking on Water

Sometimes life has it's ups and downs...what do you do to hold on?

Know thyself!….not so easy right?

Hmmm, well this was a bit unexpected...I had intended on re-posting a blog from the archive this month because I’m still working on several paintings including more "Mosaics with Meaning™ " (Yey!). And in the process of writing an Artist Statement, I  wanted to share something that may help other artists find their own art style. There … Continue reading Know thyself!….not so easy right?

Chi-Rho Newsletter – Seek the Lord

From the archives Yikes! It's just after 10 pm and I just realized today's the last day of the month and I have been so busy that I've nearly missed uploading this month's Newsletter on time!  Funny thing I write this I'm beginning to realize something and it's exciting what comes to mind. It … Continue reading Chi-Rho Newsletter – Seek the Lord

Chi-Rho Newsletter Living Stones Mosaic

We are all connected where do you fit in?

ChiRho Newsletter-July Wait for The Lord

Ever have a hard time being patient? What do waterlilies in this mosaic have to do with Psalm 27:14?

Chi-Rho Newsletter April – His Brokenness Our Healing

What emotion and feeling did Jesus have when taking the matzah bread seeing the holes and stripes, knowing the true meaning of it and seeing it broken in His hands?