Seek the Lord

From the archives Yikes! It's just after 10 pm and I just realized today's the last day of the month and I have been so busy that I've nearly missed uploading this month's Newsletter on time!  Funny thing I write this I'm beginning to realize something and it's exciting what comes to mind. It … Continue reading Seek the Lord

Chi-Rho Newsletter Living Stones Mosaic

We are all connected where do you fit in?

Chi-Rho Newsletter April – His Brokenness Our Healing

What emotion and feeling did Jesus have when taking the matzah bread seeing the holes and stripes, knowing the true meaning of it and seeing it broken in His hands?

ChiRho Newsletter February – Love Mosaic

"Love Mosaic" acrylic on canvas © 2016 by Donna Gonzalez February is here, for us Michiganders it usually means another 6 to 8 weeks more of wintery snow..ugh! But it's also a time for cherishing your loved one(s) with love, affection, long stem roses, chocolates and candy in celebration of Valentine's Day! Some historians claim this … Continue reading ChiRho Newsletter February – Love Mosaic

Sheep or Goat Which Are You?

"Sheep or Goat Which Are You? acrylic painting mosaic, July 2017 © by Donna Gonzalez This acrylic painting is comprised of four mosaics. The symbolism of the three images hidden in this painting is sobering and in light of Matthew 25:31-46 gives one pause into serious self reflection. Two of the images are superimposed on each … Continue reading Sheep or Goat Which Are You?

Chi-Rho Newsletter Sept 2017 Pastel Mosaic – God’s Surprises

"Pastel Mosaic with John 17:3" acrylic on canvas,  © July 2017 by Donna Gonzalez I love good surprises don't you? And this artwork is no exception, it's now one of my favorites and I'm so very excited to unpack what this mosaic painting holds for us. This acrylic painting is composed of 16 panels put into … Continue reading Chi-Rho Newsletter Sept 2017 Pastel Mosaic – God’s Surprises