Seek the Lord

From the archives Yikes! It's just after 10 pm and I just realized today's the last day of the month and I have been so busy that I've nearly missed uploading this month's Newsletter on time!  Funny thing I write this I'm beginning to realize something and it's exciting what comes to mind. It … Continue reading Seek the Lord

Chi-Rho November Newsletter – Jesus Close to the Brokenhearted

When your broken and hurting there's nothing to be grateful for...or is there?

God Reconciling…a short Lenten meditation

"God Reconciling" multimedia graphic art as a print 28"x 28", c.2016 by © Donna Gonzalez  I apologize for not posting anything for the month of March.  In all honesty, I'm still trying to get used to posting blogs on a regular basis here. My goal was to post every month; however, it takes so long … Continue reading God Reconciling…a short Lenten meditation