Know thyself!….not so easy right?

Hmmm, well this was a bit unexpected...I had intended on re-posting a blog from the archive this month because I’m still working on several paintings including more "Mosaics with Meaning™ " (Yey!). And in the process of writing an Artist Statement, I  wanted to share something that may help other artists find their own art style. There … Continue reading Know thyself!….not so easy right?

ChiRho Newsletter January 2017

“Peacock Cross Mosaic” acrylic on canvas © January 2017 by Donna Gonzalez Happy New Year everyone! Hope your holidays were filled with joy, love and peace! I know mine wasn't all that fun more like crazy-crazy like a bumpy roller coaster. Ever have one of those months or years? Due to a family emergency in … Continue reading ChiRho Newsletter January 2017

ChiRho Newsletter December 2016

"Festive City Lights" acrylic canvas print, 16" x 16'' c.2015 © by Donna Gonzalez YEY! This is the first Resurgence ChiRho newsletter so to begin I’d like to welcome all of you reading this a great big welcome! God is good and as I look out the winter’s snow is just as white as can be. … Continue reading ChiRho Newsletter December 2016