Know thyself!….not so easy right?

Hmmm, well this was a bit unexpected...I had intended on re-posting a blog from the archive this month because I’m still working on several paintings including more "Mosaics with Meaning™ " (Yey!). And in the process of writing an Artist Statement, I  wanted to share something that may help other artists find their own art style. There … Continue reading Know thyself!….not so easy right?

Chi-Rho Newsletter – Seek the Lord

From the archives Yikes! It's just after 10 pm and I just realized today's the last day of the month and I have been so busy that I've nearly missed uploading this month's Newsletter on time!  Funny thing I write this I'm beginning to realize something and it's exciting what comes to mind. It … Continue reading Chi-Rho Newsletter – Seek the Lord

Chi-Rho Newsletter Living Stones Mosaic

We are all connected where do you fit in?

ChiRho Newsletter February – Love Mosaic

"Love Mosaic" acrylic on canvas © 2016 by Donna Gonzalez February is here, for us Michiganders it usually means another 6 to 8 weeks more of wintery snow..ugh! But it's also a time for cherishing your loved one(s) with love, affection, long stem roses, chocolates and candy in celebration of Valentine's Day! Some historians claim this … Continue reading ChiRho Newsletter February – Love Mosaic

ChiRho Newsletter February 2017

"Marble Cross Medallion" acrylic painting,  January 2017 © by Donna Gonzalez Yey! February is here! That means that spring is coming soon! Michiganders know all too well winter is akin to roadway construction  - seemingly without end in sight. Still February to me seems like a month walled in on either side by bookends, of blustery wintry January on one … Continue reading ChiRho Newsletter February 2017

God’s fingerprints…

“Fishers of Men” acrylic on canvas, c. 2015 © by Donna Gonzalez I was having a conversation the other day with a friend of mine about how I create my works of art and that I pray during the whole process that God will use it to communicate His message. He encouraged me to consider sharing this with … Continue reading God’s fingerprints…