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  • Original Paper Cut Artworks


    This very large paper cut is a Mexican folk art of a senorita kneeling before a large vase of flowers, her dress spilling over the floor. The white paper cut is about 34″ x 30″ placed against a blue acid-free art paper. This work is sold as is, in a custom sized sold wooden black frame, 38″ x 34″ with …

  • Original Paper Cut Artworks

    Orange Goldfish

    This delicate artwork is hand-cut from very thin tissue paper, and took several days to make. It is placed upon acid-free rice paper with black corner accents. Paper cut size is 16″ x 8″, wooden frame size is 18.5″ x 10.5″. Glass panel. Weighs about 1lb. This paper cut was entered, juried and accepted as one of the top 30 …