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  • Original Paper Cut Artworks


    This very large paper cut is a Mexican folk art of a senorita kneeling before a large vase of flowers, her dress spilling over the floor. The white paper cut is about 34″ x 30″ placed against a blue acid-free art paper. This work is sold as is, in a custom sized sold wooden black frame, 38″ x 34″ with …

  • Original Paper Cut Artworks

    Orange Goldfish

    This delicate artwork is hand-cut from very thin tissue paper, and took several days to make. It is placed upon acid-free rice paper with black corner accents. Paper cut size is 16″ x 8″, wooden frame size is 18.5″ x 10.5″. Glass panel. Weighs about 1lb. This paper cut was entered, juried and accepted as one of the top 30 …

  • Original Paper Cut Artworks

    White Goldfish

    This delicate hand cut paper cut measures  9″ x 7″ and is placed against a blue acid-free paper. This white goldfish artwork will be shipped framed, I simply took it out of the frame to photograph it.  Due to the delicate nature of fine paper cut artworks, and to protect them they are sold already framed.


  • Pillow Case

    Twilight MI Elk Pillow Case

    An acrylic painting of a Michigan winter evening with a silhouette of an elk against a starry night sky.

    Choose from 5 sizes and 4 different kinds of fabric, the pillow cases are printed with my artwork on both the front and backside of the pillow case. No pillow insert.

    My pillow cases are made of high-quality durable fabric and are printed …

  • Makeup Bags

    Twilight MI Elk Makeup Bag

    A watercolor painting of a Upper MI elk against a starry evening now printed on this triangular bottom makeup bag. Choose from 2 sizes: the larger 12″ x 4″ x 7″ and the smaller size: 10″ x 6″ x 3.5″.

    These sturdy denim lined bags have an inner denim pocket, made from 100% polyester textured canvas, withstands everyday usage while looking great. …