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Every paper cut is individually hand formed starting with a pencil sketch to create a template then hand cut using a craft knife and scissors. They are not created using a laser, or any machine. Making them by hand is a time consuming craft but it is also calming and allows for each one to be individually unique. Each one can take anywhere between an hour to several hours, depending on the size, material used, (tissue paper, rice paper, card stock or paper) and the complexity of the design.

Because paper cuts are extremely delicate in nature, they are prone to tearing very easily. In fact, the tissue will stick to your fingers just from the natural oils and moisture that is naturally present on your fingers and hands. Since humidity and sunlight will ruin and fade the delicate paper cut it is recommended not to display paper cuts in a bathroom or kitchen where heat and humidity will adversely affect the wooden frame and paper itself, nor place them in an area where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.

Each of my paper cuts come either framed and matted or framed between two pieces of glass or acrylic glazing (a panel) as shown below. What you see below are the original framed paper cuts and all of them are for sale.

The large paper cuts will have an acrylic glazing (or panel) instead of glass, as large pieces of glass are extremely heavy in large frames.

For bulk orders email me at and tell me which ones you want and how many you need. Or call me with your order at: (248) 707-4117.

Turn around time from placing the order to mailing out your paper cut takes about 5-6 days, bulk orders will take more time to create.

Some of the photos are taken out of the frame or with the glass or glazing removed to eliminate any glare.




SOLD “Deer & Willow Tree” paper cut on acid free white 90 lb paper. Approximately 4″x 6″  $22 framed. I created several of these there is another for sale. Contact me to order at:


PaperCut Sold at MitNMade2018

SOLD  “Red and Blue Snowflake Flower” paper cut on acid free white 90 lb paper. Approximately 8″x 10″ framed $27.



“Hummingbird and Hibiscus” paper cut on acid free blue paper. Approximately 17″x 14″ Framed. $58 + shipping/handling and tax.



“Goldfish 2”  9″ x 7″ paper cut on acid free 90 lb paper against a blue background. The sunlight is streaming across this paper cut. $60 + shipping/handling and tax.



“Glass Coasters with Abstract Paper Cut”, a set of 4 study glass coasters 3.75″ x 4.5 by 3/8″ thick. They had an insert in the back to include a photo, I decided to put in few of my paper cuts instead. I chose contrasting colors to make each paper cut “pop”. All the paper cut designs and the plain color backing can be taken out and rearranged to create different designs.  They are for sale. $22 + shipping/handling and tax.  


goldfish papercut

“Goldfish”, orange tissue paper against a rice paper backing with black tissue paper accents.  Approximately   15.75″ x 7.75″, black wooden frame size approximately 18″ x 10.5″ $150 +  shipping/handling and tax.




“Senorita, white paper, set against a vibrant blue heavy weight acid-free paper as the background, it’s approximately 30″x 34″.  Wooden frame size 34″x 38″ with clear glazing (acrylic panel) over it. $280 + shipping/handling and tax.



“Blue Flower”, tissue paper 10.5″ diameter in a wooden float frame, between two glass panels. $26 + shipping/handling and tax.




Red Madallion Papercut

“Red Medallion”  tissue paper, 21″ diameter against a heavy weight white acid-free paper, in a 24″x 32″ frame with acrylic panel. $40 + shipping/handling and tax.




Blue Flower Madallion papercut

“Blue Flower Medallion” tissue paper, 21″ diameter against a heavy weight white acid-free paper, in a 24″x 32″ frame with acrylic panel. $40 + shipping/handling and tax.



Star PaperCut FramedDiagonal

“Star” 11″ diameter rice paper on acid-free textured blue print paper in a black wooden frame with glass panel. Frame is 12″x 12″. Can be hung horizontally.  This is a free-hand cut no template used. $30 + shipping/handling and tax.



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