t any room with a bit of Michigan!

All photos below are from Michigan and some are juried photographs.  For sale as a photographic print on archival photograph paper.  All photographs below come in a variety of prints. 

“Last Sunflower” photograph of the last sunflower in my garden.  Available in different print sizes. 



ScreenShotFrame WalledLakePhoto

“Walled Lake” photograph print size 16″x 24″ was taken one brisk October afternoon when the sun was peeking through the clouds over Walled Lake here in Michigan. I love how the sunlight plays on the water! I adjusted the contrast and did add a blue filter over this image to give it a pleasing affect. The sun had rings of light streaming through the bright puffy clouds. 





ScreenShotFrame FoggyWinterMorning NoWatermark

“Foggy Winter Morning” photograph print taken one warm winter in Metro Detroit. The air was heavy with an early morning fog that sat low to the ground, the sun looked like the moon, making everything outside appear to be eerie black and white. This is a color photograph and what you see is exactly how it looked like, I quickly grabbed my camera and took this picture. 


ScreenShotFrame FoggyWinterMorningEFFECT NoWatermark

“Foggy Winter Morning II” photograph print is the same as above but with an effect added to contrast and heighten the sun’s rays on the trees. 





Juried & Exhibited Works:


ScreenShotFrame RedLilyMothPhoto NoWaterMark

“Red Lily with Moth” photograph juried, exhibited and sold at the Padzieski Art Gallery in Dearborn Michigan June 2009. 

Original photograph already sold. Prints are available to purchase.






“Béseme” photograph juried and exhibited at the Henry Ford Centennial Library in Dearborn, Michigan October – November 2012. 

I happened to park my car near some grassy woods, these two boulders stuck out to me looking like the slate-blue boulder was sneaking a kiss to his unsuspecting lover. I really love how the shadows play in the light giving it a more 3D look. Nothing was done to this photograph what you see is exactly how it looked. 



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