Artists Statements – yes more than one!

I don’t have one artist statement because I happen to work in different mediums. Which in my opinion is okay. God has gifted some artists with the ability and talent to do multiple art mediums –  like He did with Bezalel and Oholiab, (Exodus 31:1-11)

Those of us who create art using a variety of mediums should create an artist statement for each type of artwork that is created.  It involves more work in creating several portfolios to showcase each kind of artwork in order to present it to a gallery.  This is better, more professional and less confusing then trying to put every type of artwork together (i.e., photography, painting, digital artwork, paper cuts, etc.) into one large portfolio or media kit. 

Below are six artists statements one for each medium I work in. 


Mosaics with Meaning™ Artist Statement

I had a vision to begin painting mosaic paintings with acrylics which I had never done before. My mosaic paintings called “Mosaics with Meaning™” contain layers of deep spiritual meaning which is not evident at first glance but only become evident through its iconography. 

Most artists have a predetermined idea and then create the artwork to communicate a mood, or depict the artist’s emotion, or to convey a specific story to the audience or even elicit a particular response from the viewer. My Mosaics with Meaning™, however; are created in exactly the opposite manner without any predetermined set purpose, not communicating my own message nor to elicit a specific response from the viewer.

Instead, the mosaic painting is created in prayer and when finished it is a random compilation of form, geometric shapes, chaotic swirls, nothing to frame in and of itself, however; once the painted mosaic is duplicated and placed into a pattern something truly amazing happens.

After the painting is completed through prayer the Lord gives me a scripture for that mosaic painting and He shows me where each hidden symbol and optical illusion within that pattern is located and how each one correlates perfectly with that scripture. He also shows me how the iconography of each mosaic painting is actually a bible devotion or study on His Word communicating His thoughts.

It is entirely impossible for me to foreknow how to paint part of a hidden symbol or part of an optical illusion while knowing beforehand the exact placement where it needs to be in a random unforeseen future pattern, or to know how each placement of color, form and brush stroke in the painting will be part of an optical illusion or to know how each hidden symbol or optical illusion must look like to correlate exactly to the scripture given to me –after it’s painted, so that through iconographic analysis it becomes a coherent logical bible study conveying God’s message to His people! It’s truly miraculous! I call it “God’s fingerprints”.

These fingerprints are God’s idea.  I, along with the paint, canvas and brush are simply the conduits to which God uses to communicate His specific message to the person who needs to hear it. I don’t know who it is who needs to hear His message but I know those who’ve purchased my Mosaics with Meaning™ have been greatly blessed, encouraged and deepened in their faith walk. 

It is rewarding, humbling yet brings me great joy that God should use Mosaics with Meaning™ paintings to convey His message to those who need to be strengthened and encouraged in their walk with Him. 


Paper Cut Artist Statement

I love beautiful things, including complex intricacies sometimes forgotten or unappreciated throughout nature like the tiny geometric shapes of a snowflake or the tiny feathers of a hummingbird. Paper cutting is enjoyable, calming and unlike other art mediums it is quite versatile to display.

I have been paper cutting for at least 20 years off and on but regularly for several years. I prefer to use only one thin sheet of tissue paper because it allows me to fold the paper many times creating intricate patterns and designs.

My paper cuts reflect the delicate balance between intricacy and delicateness that is part of life. Every part of the finished paper cut design must be of one piece of paper to create a unified whole. If one part of the design is removed it falls apart, so it is with life. This is communicated in my work by the use of one sheet of tissue paper and the detailed cuts of the design.

To create these masterpieces, I first draw a template using tracing paper, copy the design onto paper, then using a craft knife, hand cut the design onto tissue paper. My faith in God influences and motivates me to come up with designs. I try to capture and imitate the beauty of form including an attention to detail which is part of me.

The smallest paper cut is 1 cm unfolded or 3 cm opened; these are used as accent pieces within larger paper cuts. The largest paper cuts are 22” in diameter and are used as an artistic focal point.

I want people to experience joy when seeing my work, to look deeper and be encouraged. To be reminded how in the delicate complex balance of life, all life has value, everyone is needed and connected to each other for a greater good.


Prophetic Paintings Artist Statement

These types of acrylic paintings and artworks are not done in the conventional manner. I don’t create them as other prophetic artists do in front of an audience or congregation and paint them quickly. Rather these take a lot of time as they are created after spending days, weeks, even months pondering on a specific scripture for insight as I did with the digital artwork “God Reconciling” based upon II Corinthians 5:18-20 and Romans 5:6-11.

I wait until I get a word.

It may come after spending time reading the bible and meditating on Jesus and His character.  Other times I will get a word while listening to a praise and worship song, as I did with “The Wind and Rain Know His Voice”. And other times as in the case of “My Body Broken for You” the Lord will just interrupt my conversation with another Christian and just send a scripture and a vision right into my mind. And I know I have to paint that.

I pray throughout the duration of the painting as the Lord Jesus will direct me what to paint, the colors to use and how He wants it to be completed. Sometimes it’s something I have never painted before.

It is my desire to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading as I create these because I want to get out of the way and allow God to convey His message. God knows who it is that needs to be edified and strengthened and what message He wants conveyed through my artwork.  Christians and pastors have told me how powerful and inspiring the messages of my artworks have come across. And I in turn am humbled, blessed and encouraged to know God has used my work for His glory.

My prophetic artworks are currently on display at local churches in the Metro-Detroit area.  


Paintings Artist Statement

I’m inspired by really anything that is beautiful and noteworthy. I included that in my work as seen in “Serenity Garden”. With these types of paintings, I can really let my imagination run wild, incorporate a wide variety of techniques, create different moods, add mixed media and really have fun creating this type of work.

I spend a lot of time researching and studying the subject matter before I begin to make sure I understand it. Sometimes incorporating two types of art genre together will work well as seen in “Serenity’s Garden”.  The birds and leaves are naturalism but to achieve the illusion of sunlight moving in the distant background I used a technique that is used for abstract work. I wasn’t sure if it would work or not but I am pleased with the end result.

I generally prefer to allow the theme and subject matter to inspire me to determine the best genre to use. I am at greater liberty to achieve much more creativity while improving my technique and refining my skills if I am not restricted to perfecting only one genre. Doing so helps me to stretch my imagination by experimenting with a wide range of different genres of art while perfecting my own unique style. In experimenting with different art styles I’m constantly learning what works and what doesn’t.

In “Blue Tuscany Christmas Angel” I added a lot of texture to the canvas to give it a rough tooth in order to reproduce the characteristics of an aged, weathered Italian plastered fresco wall which had a faded painting on it. This involved matching the art style to the fresco.

Whereas in the acrylic painting “Michigan Summers” I could chose a variety of genres to complete this. Instead wanted consistency of pattern and in order to do this I repeated the flowing pattern of lines of the moving water into the sand dune’s undulating form and within the sun’s rays. This constant flow of parallel horizontal lines created the illusion of a gentle calm movement of sand with water. Without focusing on detail, I painted the feeling and mood of a happy carefree summer’s day.

When I paint with watercolor I prefer a higher ratio of paint to water because I love the boldness of color to be a focal point. This is seen in my watercolor “Gardener’s Delight Yellow Lilies”. The full opacity also allows me to achieve a much greater contrast between color values.  Sometimes, I will add mixed media into my works to create added texture and definition. This is seen in “Forgotten Past” a plein-air acrylic landscape painting.


Photography Artist Statement

I am attracted to noticing peculiar things in nature which stand out all its own without any human invention, whether its symmetry, shape, color even a mood. I owe it to my imagination at seeing a story in inanimate objects.

For example, one of my favorite photographs is “Bésame”. It is two different colored boulders side by side, one a pale cream color the other slate blue. The cracks and indentations in each boulder show the profile of each face, they are facing each other. The slate blue boulder extends his kiss, the pale one has her eye’s closed as if no longer interested.

Other times I will use a filter to create a specific effect as in “Walled Lake”. Other times I don’t even have to try to create story or a mood, sometimes it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

This is what happened in the photograph “Foggy Winter Morning”. I happened to walk outside my apartment one December morning about 9 am, and noticed the heavy fog on the ground. What amazed me was how it made everything, the sky, trees and cars all appear in shades of black, grays and drab white. I couldn’t see any color. Even the sun’s rays were dimmed and it looked more like the moon. Everything looked surreal almost eerie. I had to capture it and used my cell phone camera. I didn’t use any hand-held camera; no black and white film and no filter was applied.  Things like this excite my imagination and creativity.


Print Designer Artist Statement

I love art deco and art nouveau styles. I’ve always been drawn to them. Especially the stained-glass windows of an Arts and Crafts home or the intricate soft swirls seen in the art nouveau movement.

In designing my surface and fabric prints, I first start with a mosaic which I paint on canvas using acrylic paint. I incorporate various brushstrokes to add texture and movement. Then it is put into either a simple or complex pattern. My artwork entitled “Pueblo Sunset Mosaic” is an example of a complex pattern, the artwork is made of up of hundreds of repeated parts which result in a series of diamonds.

Other designs I will add an effect to the artwork to make it appear more glass-like. For example, the design at the edges of this paper is called “Rivers in the Desert” and looks like stained-glass.

A popular design I made is “Detroit Stained Glass” a series of bright colorful shapes which creates a pleasing design for both fabric or surface prints.

I have created and own over a hundred unique artwork designs which have been printed and sold on a variety of products. Such as, but not limited to; women’s dresses, athletic tops, leggings, hand bags, makeup bags, accessories, coffee mugs, pillows, cell phone devices and other products for both home, kitchen and office. 

To see the full collection of all of my fabric and print designs visit my Art of Where store at:

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