Artist Bio

Metro-Detroit based artist and educator Donna Gonzalez is the owner and founder of Resurgent Art LLC. She has been creating art in one form or another ever since she opened her first box of crayons as a little child. She was saved as a teenager at a youth camp and her love of studying the bible, a passion to know Jesus and sharing the Gospel message began.

It was during her college years in studying art history she noticed how art dramatically lost its original intended purpose of being God-honoring and a vision of bringing back a resurgence of good art and design within the art field and art academia was born. She received an Art History degree from University of Michigan and a Media Design degree from Full Sail University and is currently teaching art and design, teaching art workshops and speaking engagements within the Metro-Detroit area. 

Her diversified works of art in different medias and her varied style of art in her body of works at first appears eclectic, random, in need of compartmentalization, but that is furthest from the truth as each kind of work testifies of a specific characteristic of Donna that unifies and encapsulates who she is and how she thinks.

For example, in her “Mosaics with Meanings™” and her prophetic painting “Jesus Close to the Brokenhearted” there is a strong sense of deep spirituality mixed with transcendence and she’s not afraid to capture a raw intense moment. This speaks of her boldness in portraying unspoken emotions Christians often struggle with, her indomitable commitment and relationship with the Lord and an empathy for those who are hurting. Her knowledge of scripture and teaching is evident her writing The Gospel Message Hidden in an Anagram of the English Translation ICHTHYS: Jesus Christ Son of God Saviour

Her paper cuts, watercolor and acrylic paintings of nature reveal not only her love of nature, attention to detail and her perfectionist character but reveals her gift of encouragement as she challenges the viewer to think beyond, on a different level than just seeing shape, color or form. To pause and consider for a moment the simple beauty of a tiny hummingbird’s iridescent feather as seen in the “Serenity Garden” painting or the attention of minute detail as seen in her paper cut “Goldfish 1” corresponding to connectivity and the delicate balance between intricacy and delicateness that is part of life.

Her photography reveals her independent, whimsical, unconventional personality as she is drawn to capture the peculiar, surreal things in life, such as “Bésame” an untouched photograph of two rocks kissing.  Or “Foggy Winter Morning” an untouched color photograph of a winter’s morning where everything outside appeared as a surreal black and white dream due to a heavy low-laying fog on the ground. Donna purposely chooses not to be pigeon-hold and conformed to the world’s ways of doing things.

Donna’s portfolio is diversified yet is one harmonious whole portraying her personality. Each independent and collective work has one common denominator – to be God-honoring in pointing people back to a loving Savior. She challenges us to think spiritually on a deeper level, to join her in celebrating the wonder of experiencing God’s incredible love, imagination and design and to see His fingerprints in all He’s made.