“Here am I, send Me!”, acrylic on canvas c. 2017, © by Donna Gonzalez

Metro-Detroit based artist and educator Donna Gonzalez is owner and founder of Resurgent Art LLC. She has been creating art in one form or another since childhood and loves colors, and texture being inspired by the beauty of nature all around. She became a Christian as a teenager and loves studying the bible.  Three things she’s always enjoyed, art, evangelism and helping missions. It was during her college years studying art, having seen how art down through the centuries began to lose its original intended purpose that the idea of bringing back a resurgence of good art and design in both academia and within the art field itself was born. 

Gonzalez holds a degree in art history from University of Michigan and a media design degree from Full Sail University.  Gonzalez is also a gifted art professional having taught art and design since 2012 in the Metro-Detroit area. 

Drawing upon her years of experience in both academia, and as a self-taught artist along with her skill of art and design enables her to create these vibrant mosaic paintings in acrylic. Gonzalez’ mosaic art is known for it’s bold colors, exuberant swirls and geometric shapes some include optical illusions, and all containing layers of deep spiritual meaning which is not seen at first glance. 

Many artists have a predetermined idea and then create the artwork to communicate the artist’s emotion, mood, to convey a specific story to the audience or to elicit a particular response from the viewer. Gonzalez’ mosaic paintings are created unconventionally, in exactly the opposite manner. 

These mosaics are not painted with a predetermined set purpose communicating her message or to elicit a specific response from the viewer. Rather the painting is created in prayer and when finished the mosaic is a random compilation of form, shape, chaotic swirls even, nothing to frame in and of itself, however; once the mosaic is placed into a pattern, then the hidden symbols within the pattern become visible; which she lovingly calls “God’s fingerprints”.

These fingerprints are God’s idea, she, the paint and the mosaic are simply the conduits with which God uses to communicate His specific message to the person who needs to hear it. Through prayer and meditation, a correlation between scripture and each hidden symbol comes into light. Those who’ve purchased Gonzalez’ mosaics have been blessed, encouraged and deepened in their faith. 

Gonzalez’ company, Resurgent Art is an art ministry focused at bringing back a resurgence of good quality God honoring art and design that is in line with Philippians 4:8-9, into the art field and in academia, to be a resource for artists and designers who feel the same way about art. A portion of all of her artwork sales are used to help spread the gospel and to save the unborn.


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