Bookends of the Messiah – 20 Similarities in the Birth of Jesus and in His death and Resurrection

When I first began thinking about this, I had only thought up of just the first 4 similarities and shared them with a brother in the Lord at a prayer meeting. On the way home, having asked the Lord for any insight, I came up with twelve, well that has grown now and the Lord has given me 20 events that took place during His birth and during His death/resurrection that are nearly identical!

Wow! Glory to Jesus! As you read them may it encourage your faith in the wonder of our Lord Jesus! 

Below is only a summary but I give a longer fuller presentation of this at Woman’s Bible Study groups and at other events. Contact me to schedule a speaking engagement. 



The first sentence: event occurred at Jesus’ birth or just shortly afterwards with corresponding scripture. 

The second sentence: event occurred at Jesus’ death/resurrection or shortly afterwards with corresponding scripture.

My ponderances [sic] in italics


1. Jesus was born naked. Luke 2:6,  Hebrews 2:17    Jesus was naked on the cross.   John 19:23Hebrews 12:2


2. Covered in blood.  Hebrews 2:17I John 5:6     Jesus covered in blood on the cross.  John 19:1, Isaiah 53:5     Though I John 5:6 other scholars view this scripture as pertaining to the water and blood that flowed from His side from the soldier’s spear. Some consider it the water baptism of Jesus and His atoning sacrifice at Calvary.  I had thought it also pertained to His birth as well, that He would have been born covered in blood and wet from the water from the amniotic sac, pointing to His humbleness and humanity. Again, it only speaks more clearly that depth and width Jesus was willing to go through to be made just like one of us!


3. Crying at birth. Hebrews 2:17    Crying on the cross.  Matthew 27:46Mark 15:37   And no doubt who wouldn’t have cried tears of pain being crucified!


4. At birth weak and helpless.  Hebrews 2:17    Jesus dies in weakness, without help.              Matthew 27:31-33Matthew 27:46    Psalm 118:27 NKJV   Romans flogged their victims with a cat ‘o nine tails, a short handled whip consisting of 9 long leather straps embedded with many razor sharp pieces of metal, bone, stones and cut glass, that would lacerate and shred the skin into long ribbons. The victim is left near the point to death, which is why Jesus already weakened by the flogging He endured had to have help carrying His cross. This Psalm is in reference to binding the sacrificial lamb to the horns of the altar and may allude to Christ the Lamb of God being bound by to the cross as the sacrifice for our sins. The Romans bound their crucified victims to the cross with ropes. Jesus was helpless (without help) in that He had very limited movement on the cross. Jesus experienced being forsaken by His Father, interestingly, the same synonym for helpless and forsaken is the word abandon.                                                                                                                          



5. Prophecies fulfilled at His birth.  Isaiah 7:14, Micah 5:2Jeremiah 31:15    Prophecies fulfilled at his death/resurrection. Daniel 9:26Isaiah 53Psalm 16:9-10   There are more prophetic scriptures that were fulfilled in the birth, death and  resurrection of Jesus but these are a few of them.                


6. Jesus laid in a wooden manger.  Luke 2:7  Jesus laid upon a wooden cross. John 19:16-18


7. People died at His birth.Matthew 2:16-18    People are dying near His death Luke 23:32-33     Due to King Herod ordering the slaughter of all the male children 2 years and younger suggests some amount of time had to have transpired between the time the Magi left him to find the Child Jesus, Joseph and Mary fleeing into Egypt and the time Herod realized the Magi weren’t coming back to him with a report. Though the timing of this event isn’t immediately after His birth (although it could be) I included it as I felt it was a significant event that occurred.  


8. The highest secular governmental authority – King Herod, seeks to kill Jesus.Matthew 2:16    The highest level of Jewish government – the High Priest, seeks to kill Jesus. John 11:49-53


9. A supernatural cosmic event occurs – the star of Bethlehem. Matthew 2:9   A supernatural cosmic event occurs – darkness at midday. Mark 15:33,   Luke 23:44-45


10. Jesus born in the darkness of night. Luke 2:8-11  Jesus dies in the darkness of day. Matthew 27:45-50


11. Born into poverty. Luke 2:22-24Matthew 8:20 Dies in poverty. John 19:23,  II Corinthians 8:9,          


12. Wrapped in swaddling strips of cloth. Luke 2:6-7   Wrapped in strips of burial cloth.  John 19:40


13. Jesus is born a King. Isaiah 9:6-72 Samuel 7:16   Jesus is crowed with thorns, and dies King of the Jews. Matthew 27:29John 19:19  


14. Wise men kneel to worship Jesus in sincerity.   Matthew 2:10-11.  Soldiers kneel to worship Jesus in mockery.   Matthew 27:27-31


15. Shepherds and angels worship Jesus.   Hebrews 1:6 Luke 2:10-14 , Luke 2:20   Disciples and women worship Jesus. Luke 24:50-53Matthew 28:8-10  Luke 2:10-14 it is implied the angels where worshipping the Christ Child as they have declared Him as “Messiah the Lord” then later give glory to God in praise. The shepherds would have also knelt and worshiped Him.  Jesus is both Lord and God.


16. Possibly born in a rock grotto.  Luke 2:7    Placed in a cave tomb hewn from rock.  Matthew 27:59-60    It is not known for sure but it is supposed by bible scholars and historians that Jesus may have been born in a lower portion of a home where the animals were kept and mangers available; tradition has He may have  been born in a cave-like grotto.


17. Angles announce His birth. Luke 2:8-14  Angles announce His resurrection. Luke 24:1-7Matthew 28:5-7


 18. Jesus given a human body.  Hebrews 10:5-7Hebrews 2:14-18    Jesus resurrected in a glorified body. Luke 24:15-16Luke 24:36-43                                                           


  19. Jesus’ birth brought a disturbance among the highest secular government – King Herod, and among the people of Jerusalem. Matthew 2:1-3    Jesus’ death and resurrection brought a disturbance among the highest level of Jewish authorities and among the people of Jerusalem.   Acts 4:1-2   Though the event of Acts 4:1-2 occurs after the resurrection of Jesus, I though it was still interesting that the bible described the impact and affect Jesus’ birth and His death/resurrection had on the people in the same city, only decades apart.                                  


20. At birth Jesus trusted in God His Father.   Psalm 22:9-10   At His death Jesus trusted in God His Father. Psalm 22:1Matthew 27:45-50 , Luke 23:44-46    Psalm 22 is a prophetic Messianic psalm detailing what Jesus would have to endure on the cross. The Holy Spirit inspired King David to write this psalm about the suffering servant of God, the Christ, would be made to trust in His Father even as a young Child at His mother’s breasts. Likewise, at His death, having been forsaken by His Father He is made to trust in Him again, despite being forsaken by His Father. Jesus in an act of fully trusting in His Father submits to Him His very soul. Trust at the birth and beginning of Jesus’ life and trust at the very end of His life.

Amazing isn’t it that these similar events are like bookends on the timeline of Jesus’ life. May this serve as a spring board for meditation or further ponderance on Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.                                             




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