ChiRho Newsletter January 2017

“Peacock Cross Mosaic”  © by Donna Gonzalez


Happy New Year everyone! Hope your holidays were filled with joy, love and peace! I know mine wasn’t all that fun more like crazy-crazy like a bumpy roller coaster. Ever have one of those months or years?

Due to a family emergency in the first week of December I had to fly out to visit my elderly mom in the hospital which all of us thought may be the last time we see her. The doctors couldn’t decide whether it was pneumonia, lung infection or COPD. My sister and I spent 5 days in the hospital and thanks to the Lord and the many prayers, fine doctors and nurses, she has made full recovery from her lung infection.

Arriving home it put all of my families schedules behind. We had planned on celebrating our birthdays and Thanksgiving the first weekend in December, which didn’t happen. With volunteer activities already agreed to, trying to sync all of our off-days together, to two daughters graduating from college, quickly painting graduation gifts/ordering gifts last minuet, to me fretting about driving out on blustery icy hazardous roads the day of my daughters graduations (YIKES!) that we didn’t get to celebrate our Thanksgiving, birthdays or Christmas until the 27th of December. So we had a party then.  Crazy.

A new year is exciting because to me that means it’s a fresh canvas ready to be painted into something that is all my own…then I’m gently reminded I don’t actually own my canvas, God does, and sometimes what He paints on it isn’t exactly what I had originally planned…

Funny how it all correlates into something bigger. This month I’ve started applying a new technique in acrylic painting using isopropyl alcohol.  The alcohol displaces the paint to form random movements of paint and water to where it looks like it’s been splattered in a marble-like pattern.  I may have some control over the placement of alcohol but no control over what the final effect will look like. The paint just moves randomly on its own and no two canvases are alike.

Having put the canvases together what was first simply a chaotic mess of different colors of greens, turquoise, blues and yellows of splatters, spots and splotches now formed intricate patterns, something well….quite beautiful.

It got me thinking about what we call random, chaoticness in our lives, those interruptions, emergencies, trials and hardships. How can God make use of our messes? This painting is evident that God sees beyond all of the random pieces in our lives that don’t make sense to create something purposeful, something meaningful even if we don’t see it at first.


“Peacock Cross Mosaic” © by Donna Gonzalez

Now I see this painting in a much different light, His Light. Randomness has a purpose when the Lord is involved. Be blessed in Jesus my friend!


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