ChiRho Newsletter December 2016

“Festive City Lights” acrylic canvas print, 16″ x 16” c.2015 © by Donna Gonzalez

YEY! This is the first Resurgence ChiRho newsletter so to begin I’d like to welcome all of you reading this a great big welcome! God is good and as I look out the winter’s snow is just as white as can be. Which reminds me that our sins though scarlet can be made white just like the snow because of a Savior who is Jesus has been born in Bethlehem.

I’d like to share with you this artwork seen above it’s a design I did in acrylic called “Festive City Lights” , it is actually part of a much larger acrylic painting but I used only one portion of it to create a mosaic effect.  It reminds me of the colorful bright lights that adorn houses and stores for Christmas and in the midst of it is a cross-like shape that represents the true spirit of the season. That a Savior has been born which is the best gift of all!

May your days be bright and I wish you a very joyous Christmas!



 “Festive City Lights” acrylic canvas print 16″ x 16″  c.2015 © by Donna Gonzalez 


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